The Workshop is a collection of imaginative and novel pieces for the home, a first foray into product design for the team at Studio Peake. Each piece is designed by Sarah Peake in close collaboration with makers and artisans in the UK. The Workshop is a celebration of the knowledge, expertise and artistry of the craftspeople that Studio Peake works with and the creativity fostered by close collaboration between designer and maker.



Each piece in our small collection of furniture and lighting has its own creative story. The collaborative process which turns each product from initial idea into a reality is where the real creativity and detail lies and the workshop is a celebration of that process. New items will be added here as our latest collaborations are ready.

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Sarah Peake



Studio Peake is a London-based interior design studio that specialises in creating innovative and highly tailored interiors on residential and boutique commercial projects. Led by founder and creative director Sarah Peake, the studio’s aesthetic is the interweaving of tradition and imagination. Bringing spaces to life involves a playful blending of opposites and an interplay between old and new – a dash of unexpected colour or detailing, that element of surprise.

The chandelier marks the beginning of a new venture for Studio Peake: The Workshop by Studio Peake. We hope to celebrate the remarkable process of collaboration that we enjoy when making bespoke products for our interior clients and celebrate the intricate craft of our suppliers who we work with time and time again.